Reasons Why Your Business Website Should Have a Blog

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small local business or a big brand, having a blog or some kind of an article based resource section can help you better connect with your current customers and can also help you bring in new customers.

At Peterborough Design we encourage our clients to add long form content to their site. We even manage some of our clients blogs and bring in experts in their particular fields to write up topics and blog posts for their sites if they don’t have the time or interest. Even if you don’t intend on updating it that often, having a few posts up on the site initially and then adding a new post every month or so can help in a couple of different ways.

SEO: Google Loves Unique and Fresh Content

One of the main reasons I love blogs is for SEO. Even though Google constantly changes their algorithms, there’s one thing that they’ve always loved and will always love… and that’s fresh content. Having a site that’s updated on a regular basis with new (and unique) content is going to help your search engine rankings. So when we’re working with a client on a local, Peterborough SEO campaign we usually will add a blog to their site. Not only will it help for your main target keywords, but if you’re writing about topics related to your niche you can pull in traffic from long-tail keywords as well. This blog post for example will probably rank #1 in Google for a keyword such as Peterborough business blog design.

Visitor Engagement: Show You’re The Expert

The second reason I think blogs are important is because it gives you another way to connect to a potential new customer and show them that you’re the expert in your particular field. Would you rather hire someone who has a very basic and unprofessional looking one page website, or someone who has a nice looking site with a blog where they post articles about topics related to their business?

If you’re posting good content on your blog that relates to your business, new visitors will see that you’re the expert in this field and will be more likely to contact you over the competition.

So as you can see, having a blog on your site can definitely help your business bring in more new customers than you otherwise would have without it. For the time it takes to make a post every now and then, for most businesses it will be well worth your time and effort.